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A cat RP forum based on the later books of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.
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 Character Creation Sheet and rules.

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Character Creation Sheet and rules. Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation Sheet and rules.   Character Creation Sheet and rules. EmptyWed Mar 07, 2018 3:49 am

Character Creation Rules

1. No neon colours, unnatural coats or eyes.
2. All mutations (short legs, long fangs, huge size) must be reasonable and able to be proven as a real-life condition. In some cases, it may affect their ability to hunt or fight such as short legs, or a weak heart.

3. Cats may not be created as speciality roles. Even if you want them as Medicine cat or Leader, your cat will not automatically become those roles. Work hard, and show that you are capable of them, and perhaps you will be chosen.

4. Character names must be natural to the Warriors world, and may not consist of star, or twoleg things. They won't know what ore is, or a sandwich.
  - Names like moon, Thunder (and other clans prefixes), are heavily restricted. There may only be 1 of those names in the lake at any given time.

  - There cannot be two of the same name in a clan.
  - Limited names, mean that there are going to be strict restrictions on them. There can only be one of each limited name in the lake at any given time.

If you choose to try and name your cat after native fauna, remember that the series is partially based on the UK. So Robin, Finch, and Deer are acceptable, but not Two-leg specific terms such as Goldfinch, Humpback whale or Junco bird.

   - Feel free to use the list below if you are stuck on if a prefix is acceptable. Though some names not on there will be accepted as long as they make sense.

5. Kits are not born naturally evil. Nor may a cat have an evil monster inside their heads or a spirit that takes them over to commit crimes against the warrior code. Villains are made through what they experience. Show that, develop them.

To create a character, simply fill out this form and make a new topic. If it is accepted it will be moved to the 'Approved Characters' folder. If one is marked (if applicable), you may remove that line entirely if you don't need it.

A character must be accepted Before you begin roleplaying.

From May 31st to July 31st the forum will allow the importing of warriors from other sites. However, your character must still obey the rules of the forum. If they had a rank they may keep it only if adequate proof is provided that they earned that rank. A reminder that cross-clan cats will not be considered cross clan as all their former relationship history has been lost to the passage of time.

After August 1st, all cats must start out as kits. Between now - August we will allow the creation of Young Warriors, but you must provide a solid 4 paragraph minimum intro post in the clan territory that covers the following requirements:

- Where did they come from?
- How do they feel about their Clan?
- What did they feel like seeing the lake for the first time?
- Are they ready to fight for their Clan?

When you have written it, link it to the creation for full-approval.

No Import will automatically gain or keep Medicine Cat, Deputy or Leader positions, and all previous relatives (parents, grandparents, ect) will be declared NPC's with exceptions only towards siblings.

Remember, there is no cross clan kits right now, since there is no lineage.





[b]Current Rank:[/b] (For imports only, please provide a link to previous profile or forum so we can verify the rank.)



[b]Backstory (Temporary, for site-launch/characters not starting as kits//until August 1st):[/b]

Accepted Prefixes:
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Character Creation Sheet and rules.
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