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 Recommendations for Posting Concerns/Suggestions

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Recommendations for Posting Concerns/Suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Recommendations for Posting Concerns/Suggestions   Recommendations for Posting Concerns/Suggestions EmptyThu May 31, 2018 9:26 pm

As staff who are devoted to creating the best user experience possible, along with promoting great community growth, we highly value your input. Therefore, we need you to help us, help you. These are not rules, per say, but more of a guideline to make sure that there is constructive criticism necessary for the best changes to be implemented.

Consider the following before adding a suggestion for site improvement:

1. Think about what exactly you want to suggest.
 -It is not helpful to us to have an unclear suggestion. If you can barely articulate what you have to say, chances are it will be even harder for us to understand and improve.

2. Identify the problem.
 -Similar to above, the best place to start is to clearly identify the problem that you see. For example: if you see people abusing a system or not doing what they are supposed to, a suggestion saying "people aren't following the rules" is not helpful in specifically seeing the issue.

3. Make a suggestion for improvement!
 -Someone once said that if you have no ideas on how to fix something, you should not speak up. While I don't entirely agree with that, making some suggestions to solve the issue again helps you as much as it helps us. Considering what you would like to see happen instead can clearly identify possibilities for change.

4. Keep in mind that we are working tirelessly to improve things all the time.
 -The fact of the matter is, not every single suggestion or issue will get fixed right away. However, the staff does care about what everyone has to say and does carefully read all of the input brought on by users. Be patient with us and we will constantly be trying to do our best.

Bad Example:

Something like this does little more than state a loose opinion. We cannot see specifically what issues you have with something based off of a recommendation like this. Because we do not know the problem, there is no way to identify the best solutions.

Good Example:

Here, the problem is: mentors not interacting with their apprentices.
The proposed solution: change the requirements to make sure mentors and apprentices are interacting more regularly.
While this may or may not work, this proposition is much more helpful than the other example. It presents the problem and goes as far to help come up with ideas to solve it.
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Recommendations for Posting Concerns/Suggestions
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