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A cat RP forum based on the later books of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.
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 Site Launch/Member Welcome Draft

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PostSubject: Site Launch/Member Welcome Draft   Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:49 am

[Heading for Private Message]: Welcome to Warriors of the Lake!

[Heading for Global Announcement]: Site Launch Information 6/18-7/31

[Information to be Included in Private Message]: On behalf of the site staff, we welcome you to Warriors of the Lake! Our site seeks to create a strong community alongside exciting and interactive roleplay. In case you have not checked them out yet: click this link to see all of the rules and regulations for the site. Alongside that, ranks, hunting, fighting systems, and more are all under this section!

After you have a refresher, head to the Character's page for creation rules and make yourself some characters.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to staff or post in the questions section.


[General Announcement (for Global Announcement and Private Message]:


As of these dates, we are running under our launch setup. This means things are a little different than the normal setup established here. For one, characters can be imported from other sites that you are currently roleplaying on. Proof of earned rank (i.e. a screenshot of the stats earned from the other site) should be supplied to support this. The rules of character limit are still the same, but for a limited time, you can start as a rank other than kit!

The site runs under the concept that all of this takes place 80 years after the Warrior's books (yes, all of them). For a majority of that time, life went on as usual and not much happened. Until the lake was poisoned by twolegs and the cats, along with the forest slowly began to die and was no longer able to sustain the clans. Through famine and struggle, the clans broke apart, mostly traveling in small groups with a couple others of the remnants of their clans.

Now, after moons of endless travel and everyone old enough to be a senior warrior/elder/leader has died out, the call has gone out from Starclan. Cats are to return to the lands. With the water clean and the forest healing, it is now welcome. From all over, cats are returning to the clan territory whose blood runs through their veins. As they come home, the lack of clear structure and rag-tag nature of the rebuilding clans has things in chaos. Rebuilding is harder than it may sound. Leaderships are fought over within. Memories of borders are fuzzy and constantly changing. Training the next generation is slow going. But, the warriors of the lake are ready to take it on.

Because of all this, when your character arrives in the clan, it can either be in a solo topic or in a group topic (recommended). There will be a loose clan structure at the beginning and it will be build up as we go on. It's important to consider the context in roleplay! There will be leaders in place to help guide all of this, but with the tensions, who that is could potentially change. Despite the in RP effects, requirements will be the same.

We are so excited to get this underway and hope you enjoy the setup. As per usual, if you have any questions about the site or anything in general, reach out to your friendly neighborhood spiderman staff.

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Site Launch/Member Welcome Draft
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