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 Acornpelt of WindClan

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PostSubject: Acornpelt of WindClan   Acornpelt of WindClan EmptyThu Jun 07, 2018 12:41 pm

Name: Acornkit > Acornpaw > Acornpelt

Clan: WindClan

Current Rank: Young Warrior (Staff-certified by Ripped)

Aspirations: To be of high rank (leader or deputy); accepted within the Clan

Appearance/Image: Acornpelt is a long-haired tabby she-cat with light brown fur, a white muzzle, underbelly, chest fur, and paws, and dark brown ears, stripes on her back, legs, face and tip of her tail, and a deep V shape on the top of her head. Though long-furred, she is actually quite scrawny. She is a Maine Coon and has countless, scattered score marks on her back from eagles, owls, and other cats.
Acornpelt of WindClan Bramblepelt

Personality: Acornpelt has a very wild personality, to say the least. She acts differently depending on who she's around- her leader, friends, different Clan cats. To her leader, she is very loyal, obedient, and tries her best to make a formal appearance. However, if she is very close to her leader, she may act very humorous and joking, as if they were just two warrior friends. To her friends, she is not formal or serious whatsoever, unless if it is a serious time. She is extremely humorous, suggestive, and normally very upbeat and wild around her friends. She is usually most comfortable with acting like this. To her fellow Clanmates that she has no relation to, she is usually quiet and makes no attempt to talk to them. If she finds the cat very dislikable, rude, or anything else that the cat does that is purposefully bothersome, she will act very rude and be teasing to the cat, unless they are of higher rank/notable position within her Clan. To other Clan cats, she is very neutral depending on the cat's personality, but will usually avoid them. Has a very average reputation within the Clan.
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Master of Plots

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PostSubject: Re: Acornpelt of WindClan   Acornpelt of WindClan EmptyThu Jun 07, 2018 12:45 pm


First Windclan cat down!

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Acornpelt of WindClan Animated-sleepy-cat
Rippedsky of Skyclan // color=#006699 // Warrior
Dawnbreak of Skyclan // color=#ff9900 // Something
Shadowbreeze of Thunderclan // color=#cccc00 // Kit
Brackenthorn of Windclan // color=#663300 // Young Warrior
Redwhisker of Riverclan // color=#cc0033 // Young Warrior (But really an old man)
Mousetuft of Shadowclan // color=#669900 // Young Warrior
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Acornpelt of WindClan
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