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 Homecoming [OPEN]

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Twisted Cinnamon Rolls

Twisted Cinnamon Rolls

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Homecoming [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Homecoming [OPEN]   Homecoming [OPEN] EmptySat Jun 09, 2018 1:02 am

Twistedtail was in a moor.

Spongey grass rippled under her black paws and waved in the strong wind. When she looked ahead she was greeted by a sight of endless hills, lush and welcoming. She had never seen such a place before, but it felt familiar. She turned her green gaze upwards. A shimmering sea of bright stars greeted her. She never saw all those stars back at home, never so welcoming and so bright. They seemed to call out to her in their twinkles. And while she upwards at the lights, she heard a voice resonate in her head.

”The wind shall come back home, guided by the whispering of stars.”

And just as quick as the dream began, the ground underneath Twistedtail shattered and she fell into darkness.

Twistedtail woke up with a jolt. She was still in the cave with Darknose, which both relieved and upset her all at once. She and some of the remenants of what the stories called Windclan had somehow managed to find shelter in a cliffside next to a big expanse of water that they called the Sun Drown place, though it definitely wasn’t easy. No one knew how to fish, and the water was too salty to drink. Her own mother Branchtail was swept away by the tides while trying to get food for her, and her sister Heatherkit was carried off by a seagull when they were young. Everybody was starving. Her father Darknose, despite being elderly and sick, refused to eat so the kits could get food. Death was common and one could see it in the dead bodies that littered the sharp rocks below. She hated it all. She hated scraping out a living scrounging off of seagull scraps.

She was interrupted from her thoughts by the racking cough of Darknose. He had only been a kit when the clans dissolved, but maybe he knew a thing or two about her dreams. “Darknose? Wake up,” she murmured, tapping the dark to gently with her nose. He opened one bloodshot green eye. “What is it?” he rumbled. Twistedtail shifted so that she was laying next to the elder. “Well, I had a dream this night. I dreamed of a big, open moor that seemed to stretch on forever. I looked up and saw tons of stars up in the sky, and they said that the wind will return home, guided by the stars.”

Darknose’s exspression went from that of shock, to confusion, to sadness, to finally happiness. “I can’t believe it!” he purred, “for so long, I thought they abandoned us!” Twistedtail glanced curiously at her father. “Who?” “Starclan, my child! Now go and tell the rest of the clan, they need to know so you and them can leave this dreaded place.” “But what about you?” she asked. The tom beside her sadly shook his head. “I’m much too old, I can’t take a journey like that anymore. But don’t think about me, you need to tell them!” Twistedtail nodded in respect to his decision, before exiting the cave. She was still confused, but did as Darkface asked.

The midnight air outside was thick and wet, almost unbearable to the siamese tabby’s lungs. She quickly padded up a narrow goatpath to the top of the cliff, before jumping down to a large boulder jutting out of it’s side about halfway down. “Cats of Windclan! I have had a dream from... a dream from Starclan. They told me that we must follow the whispering stars to find our home, the Wind’s home. Now, who is with me?” she yowled. She never had to announce anything to the rag-tag group before, and she cursed silently that she sounded so awful in her speech. But what was done cannot be taken back, and all she could do is see if the other cats approve.
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PostSubject: Re: Homecoming [OPEN]   Homecoming [OPEN] EmptyMon Jun 11, 2018 2:23 pm

A heap of fluffy white fur was positioned in a place where other cats weren't, but it wasn't even like there were very many cats to begin with. The only way to tell that the small she-cat was alive was by watching her flick her dark brown ears time and time again. Other than that, she was still. Her tail made no movement, but it was wrapped tightly around the young she-cat's form. Despite the weather, Bramblepaw still felt cold. Perhaps it was just the hunger and thirst getting to her, manipulating her, making her feel something that actually wasn't true. It was hard for her to not shiver as she let out a strong exhale of warm air. Everything seemed so quiet and idle, but it wasn't like Bramblepaw was bothered by it. She had decided to use this to her advantage, and that had resulted in her falling asleep. The peaceful serenity that resting brought to all cats seemed to be the only source of warmth for the apprentice as her pink nose began to twitch.

That was when she heard a voice, and it dragged her out of her gentle sleep. Trying to hide back anything that would expose her slight annoyance, Bramblepaw's deep blue eyes proceeded to open and stare at Twistedtail. StarClan was something that the she-cat had heard of before, but it was something that she often found hard to believe. It was a subject that she tried to avoid, but here it was, being brought up once again. Bramblepaw glanced around, looking at reactions, trying to decide what she should say. It would be a shame if she said something and every other cat thought that she was insane. She had to agree with what Twistedtail said. After all, she supposed the desperation of the situation made a new home sound spectacular. As long as it provided proper food, warmth, and water, Bramblepaw would like it. She didn't move from the curled-up position that she was in, but she did answer Twistedtail as loudly as she could.

"I'm with you!"

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Homecoming [OPEN]
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