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 Squirrelsong of Windclan

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Twisted Cinnamon Rolls

Twisted Cinnamon Rolls

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PostSubject: Squirrelsong of Windclan   Squirrelsong of Windclan EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 8:18 am

an old character of mine who had a tragic life, just wanted to give her another chance~

Name: Squirrelsong

Clan: Windclan

Current Rank: Young Warrior (imported, but since she could have been a Young Warrior anyways it doesn’t matter)

Appearance/Image: A thick-furred ginger tabby with thick swirling brown stripes, which in some areas have a faint resemblance to rosettes. She has yellow eyes. Her left ear is torn and she has a deep scar on her neck that just misses hitting her voicebox. The neck scar causes a slight stutter and uncomfortableness, but otherwise doesn’t affect her.
Squirrelsong of Windclan CDDE1_FFB-9_FCC-4_D92-9790-_C60261911_DD4

Personality: Squirrelsong is free-spirited, kind, and quite innocent. Even after cats have attempted to rip out her throat, she has a firm belief that every cat is good and that there is no such thing as evil. She is very sweet and will help out any cat in need, regardless if they are clan cat or not.

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Master of Plots

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PostSubject: Re: Squirrelsong of Windclan   Squirrelsong of Windclan EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 9:48 am

Have a golden seal of approval~

Squirrelsong of Windclan Zp05zk7lpkkz

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Squirrelsong of Windclan Animated-sleepy-cat
Rippedsky of Skyclan // color=#006699 // Warrior
Dawnbreak of Skyclan // color=#ff9900 // Something
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Brackenthorn of Windclan // color=#663300 // Young Warrior
Redwhisker of Riverclan // color=#cc0033 // Young Warrior (But really an old man)
Mousetuft of Shadowclan // color=#669900 // Young Warrior
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Squirrelsong of Windclan
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