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 the end and the beginning

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the end and the beginning  Empty
PostSubject: the end and the beginning    the end and the beginning  EmptyMon Jun 11, 2018 6:45 am

Rainkit's paws itched, like a flame was licking her paws. Now that she thought of it al of her body was itching her tail hang low, her fur was weary and her head hang low. She had the feeling that she could fall trough her paws right on the spot and that was the feeling she had been having for days now. Actually wear it just days? maybe even weeks? Moons? She did not know what she did know was when this feeling started, when she was old enough to walk on her own and since she had been walking, walking, walking. She had felled the urge to lay down when Frostlake noticed it to “ I think that we should settle down here for the night”  Rainkit was happy Frostlake was there to help her trough this life he had said that there would be a time it would be easier a time she could stay at one place but when that time will come no cat knew. She quickly laid down beside Frostlake and fell into a deep slumber.

 Rainkit was still sleeping when there began to get rumor in the group. One of the cats had received a vision, fishtail and he started to tel around the group “ Starclan! They have not abandon us! They gave me a vision! We can go back to the lake! Its save! I know the way! and thus the group began moving again. Rainkit got waked up by Frostlake who had been like a father to Rainkit,. trowed her over his back as the group started moving again. “what is going on? why are we walking again?” Rainkit squeaked. “ we are going home, to make a better future for you” the tom said. 
And thus the they group began to get back to the lake, the journey was hard and two kits died swimming trough rivers but they finally arrived. Rainkit could see it with her one eyes, a lake shining like the moon was before her and a territory full of prey and water stretched down before her. She felt a spark coming up in her chest and forgot her pain and tiredness as she ran down the hill into the territory.

Rainkit felt for the first time truly home.
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the end and the beginning
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