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 Duskdream of WindClan

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PostSubject: Duskdream of WindClan   Duskdream of WindClan EmptyWed Jun 27, 2018 6:01 pm

Name: Duskdream

Gender: She-cat

Clan: WindClan

Current Rank: Young Warrior

Appearance/Image: Duskdream of WindClan PYUfOJe

Personality: Duskdream is quiet and careful. She lives in constant fear that every cat in WindClan will hate her, so she does her best to stay out of the way and be helpful. Her heart is soft and tender, much like her outward appearance. She carries disdain for actual fighting, due to her historical background, and finds herself more drawn to caring for kits or helping other cats passively. Yet, despite her fears, she would gladly throw herself in front of danger for her Clanmates.
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Master of Plots

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PostSubject: Re: Duskdream of WindClan   Duskdream of WindClan EmptyWed Jun 27, 2018 11:26 pm

EEEE pretty floof. Approve~

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Duskdream of WindClan Animated-sleepy-cat
Rippedsky of Skyclan // color=#006699 // Warrior
Dawnbreak of Skyclan // color=#ff9900 // Something
Shadowbreeze of Thunderclan // color=#cccc00 // Kit
Brackenthorn of Windclan // color=#663300 // Young Warrior
Redwhisker of Riverclan // color=#cc0033 // Young Warrior (But really an old man)
Mousetuft of Shadowclan // color=#669900 // Young Warrior
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Duskdream of WindClan
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